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    Preparing for Mikvah    

This suggested checklist should act as a guide for

preparing for your immersion:

  • Remove all jewelry,

  • Remove contact lenses,

  • Remove false teeth, bridges, etc.,

  • Shower or bathe,

  • Shampoo your hair but DO NOT use conditioner,

  • Clean all crevices,

  • Wash your ears,

  • Clean pierced ears, nose, etc.,

  • Clean the corners of your eyes,

  • Blow your nose,

  • Clean your navel,

  • Brush and floss your teeth,

  • Soften scabs and remove dried blood,

  • Wash your face,

  • Remove all make-up,

  • Check your knees, elbows and feet for dry or loose skin,

  • Remove all nail polish,

  • Remove acrylic nails,

  • Remove dirt from nails and cuticles,

  • Remove band-aids and any remaining adhesive,

  • Comb all hairs free of tangles,

  • Remove unattached loose hair,

  • Use the toilet, and

  • RECHECK yourself and shower again at the mikvah if your preparations are done at home.

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