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  Immersion Before Your Wedding  

Immersing in the mikvah prior to a wedding allows the bride and/or groom to quietly mark the transition from being single to being married. It can also create an island of peace, contemplation, and perspective amid the public ceremonies and celebrations that surround the big event. While some mikva’ot require a woman to wait before immersing, according to her menstrual cycle, the Toronto Community Mikvah allows women — whether they are coming as a pre-wedding ritual or for other reasons — to decide for themselves when to immerse. Many grooms embrace the custom of immersing in the days prior to their weddings as well. Some partners choose to immerse at different times, while others time their immersions at the same hour. Some people choose to keep their pre-wedding immersions private and come to the mikveh alone, or with one friend or family member, and some people choose to invite more guests to celebrate with songs, poems, blessings, food and drink. We welcome opposite-sex and same-sex couples who wish to immerse before sanctifying their relationships with a wedding or a commitment ceremony. Schedule your appointment using the e-mail address below.

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